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Rosai Cargo and Clearing Limited is a comprehensive solution provider for international courier & cargo needs! We provide flexible express courier services throughout the world. From a small document delivery service to delivering an oversized cargo, we do everything. We evaluate the size, your budget, and delivery time-frame and provide the best air and sea freight rate solution in no time.

We emerged as a leading provider of Express, Courier & Logistics services across the boundaries. We offer seamless and relatively cost-effective solutions carrying excess baggage with safe packaging and reasonable time frames of delivery. Shipping everything ranging from household items to sending international parcels, our team of experts always there for you.
You can trust us blindly and you can rely on us for your all exporting and importing solutions as we specialize in all forms of worldwide courier & cargo services.

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Rosai Cargo and Clearing Limited are one of the top market leaders when it comes to shipping any goods by air. We are into this business for a long time and we have experienced team of people. We counted among the top leading logistics company across Kenya and we deliver our service mostly East and Central Kenya. As a market leader of logistics, we can ship anything and everything. We are here to solve any task, transporting everything from parcels, packages, oversize items, or anything from one destination to another.
We mainly focus on delivering quality and safety. That is what we guarantee. We also focus on reliable delivery, regardless of where your goods are being sent. You can trust blindly that your parcel is safe with us and packed properly and sent to the desired destination in no time with our air freight services.
Our air freight expert’s team are always ready to help you throughout the process of shipment, from responding to your query to sending you an initial quote with detail and diligence tracking of your shipping item from origin to final destination, our team will be your single point of contact will make the entire experience efficient, hassle-free and professional. We know there are several air freight companies to choose from but once you use our services you will come back again and again.
As a customer we understand the priority and receiving your package as quickly and safely as possible, Air Freight service is the one-stop solution for you. Rosai Cargo and Clearing Limited were established as a premier name in airfreight services. We provide you incomparable levels of satisfaction and convenience.
With our extensive network of partners worldwide we can handle shipments from majorly all parts of the world. We have tie-ups with many global business partners, we manage air freight consolidation to many major and minor cities worldwide, and making the business possible for us to offer extremely low rates for Airport to Airport, Door to Airport, and Door to Door delivery.
Along with our partners, we provide personalized services to our customers and provide end-to-end moving information about their goods. We are well experienced in the clearance of all types of commodities as well. We make sure that all commodities pass from the customs clearance.
We have good tie-ups with big airlines company because of our regular work and committed volumes and support; we get the best deals in terms of services and freight rates. We ensure that these benefits are passed on to our customers as well and we propose great offers at a great price to make their package competitive.
Our Air Freight team has full and extensive Knowledge about the carrier’s strength of destinations, capacity, and connectivity. They are trained for the handling of different commodities including Dangerous goods as well.

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Our platform offers you instant quotes, full price transparency, and round-the-clock sea freight tracking and update.