Custom Clearance in Uganda

At Rosai Cargo, you are bound to get a one stop solution as far as customer clearance consultancy and services are concerned. If your organization deals with imports and exports across the region and countries internationally, you need to take care of custom clearance which could be full of hassles for you.

There is a lot of nitty-gritty to look after when it comes to customer clearance. There are intricate laws and policies when it comes to custom clearance country by country. You need to be aware and knowledgeable of all the requirements by laws so that your goods are importable or exportable within time. Again, it boils down to meeting delivery date of the customers for your business. If you have a smooth custom clearance, you are bound to make your customers happy. Few of the documents that are required at the time of custom clearance are bill of entry, commercial invoice, bill of landing/ airway bill, import/export license, insurance certificate, compliance and certificates which are the most important documents to comply with the government regulations. These documents are always checked for at the custom clearance.

Why 3rd party Custom Clearance Services

Since dealing with customs is a strenuous task and contains many intricacies, you need to make sure you are capable enough to deal with it. It is actually better to pass on the task to a company that specializes in this. At Rosai Cargo, we render exactly the custom clearance services which you aspire for. We will be a 3rd party custom clearance partner for you and take care of all the hassles of clearing the customs for you. This is why exactly you need a 3rd party custom clearance service. There would be no instance of your goods getting stuck in the customs due to any missing document or non abiding of any law or policy. You just need to focus on what you need to do and that is doing business and increasing sales volume with full customer satisfaction. If the goods are stuck at customs, you are bound to miss the delivery deadlines and will result in customer dissatisfaction. This in turn will lead to losing out of new prospective customers due to bad word of mouth, losing out of existing customers, decrease in loyalty and decrease in brand image. With a 3rd party custom clearance service, the cost parameter is going to be a positive for you. It actually turns out to be more cost effective if you choose a 3rd party custom clearance services.
Custom Clearance in Uganda

Why Us

With Rosai Cargo, you are bound to receive a seamless custom clearance service customized just for you. Our long and rich experience will serve you in the best possible way to help your business grow manifolds. There is no need of noting down of each intricacy of countries’ law and regulations by you. Let us take care of all those hassles in a smooth manner. We know exactly what needs to be done in each case. Thus, be free of all the hassles of custom clearance and let us help you.

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