Custom Clearance in Nairobi

Rosai Cargo and Clearing Limited offer very effective, timely clearing and forwarding services both for air & sea shipments. We have developed an elegant systematic approach to customs clearance that ensures to reduce the risks, errors, and costs that come with custom laws and their compliances.

Our custom experts are always on standby to keep you updated with the latest government rules and regulations and changing compliance in-laws. We make sure that our cargo parcel is not stuck at the clearance point. We always try to offer cost-effective and timely clearing and forwarding services both for air & sea shipments. We provide the full range of customs clearing and international freight forwarding services.
Our personnel is regular in touch with various government departments while the company’s online interactions with the relevant authorities and allows us for the completion of the customs clearance process in the shortest time possible.
By choosing Rosai Cargo you are fully assured of accurate, steady, and efficient customs clearance and freight forwarding service. This is our guarantee.
Documents and permissions are always required for importing or exporting goods from any part of the country. The custom clearance documentation is granted by the customs authority and declares that all the customs duties have been paid and there are no dues.
We Rosai Cargo company always ensure that all the necessary documentation is done beforehand so that you can receive your order in the minimal possible time without any hurdles.

The documentation required for customs clearance is as follows:

  1. Bill of entry
  2. Commercial invoice
  3. Bill of landing/airway bill
  4. Import/export license
  5. Insurance certificate.
  6. Compliance and certificates are the most necessary documents that are required and it declares the product being imported or exported complies with all the government regulations. These documents are very important and always checked during the customs clearance process.

Import & Export Service in Kenya

The regular legal challenges of coping with the laws and regulations that regulate this industry are faced by companies that provide import and export services. Because each nation worldwide has its own specific laws governing the outsourcing of import and export services, the legality of how a private corporation deals with these laws can be complicated and daunting.

Not understanding the laws of a nation in which you would like to do business, also results in imports and exports being kept for an unspecified period of time in customs. Management of export import logistics provides the advantages of having an import export service provider manage these complicated aspects of your business.
But when you choose Rosai Cargo and Clearing Limited as your partner in import & export business we assure you will never disappointed. We are a highly respected Import & Export Company dedicated to the provision of different product and service types. Because of our large network, we have efficient services, enabling us to meet most of the demands of our customers with the highest possible standard. Sales, purchases and issuance of different forms of licenses are part of our services. We are known in this sector as a reliable, cost-effective and timely provider of services. We provide access to different suppliers and wholesalers of goods, as well as professional advice in the field, planning, monitoring and issuance of all documents needed under the Foreign Trade Regulations. We adopt a customer-focused approach, thus implementing a service program that addresses the needs of both our suppliers and customers, ensuring productive contact and customer loyalty.

Hassle Free Custom Clearance with Rosai Cargo and Clearing Limited

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