Freight Consolidation in Kenya

Freight consolidation is a very effective logistics strategy where a shipper combines multiple shipments within a particular geographic region into a single big shipment container that is then line hauled to a destination point where the smaller shipments that were inside/ part of the consolidation are broken down and shipped to their final destination.

Rosai Cargo and Clearing Limited is providing the best freight Consolidation service throughout Kenya. We have an expert team working day and night to deliver your parcel. Freight Consolidation is a great strategy to deliver your products in a fast and cost-effective manner.
When your parcel is ready to hit the road for delivery but your freight volume can’t justify the cost of a full truckload, what do you do?
There it comes freight consolidation services with a third-party logistics provider, like Rosai Cargo where your load “shares the ride” with others.
Rosai Cargo provides freight consolidated shipment by combining multiple LTL(less than load) shipments from various shippers into one full container (multi-stop truckload) shipment. Consolidated shipping allows shippers to earn a good amount of money or preferred rates and helps optimize supply chain logistics by saving time as well as reducing cost.
As we were provide freight consolidation service that can lower the total shipping cost as well as increase security. Because of the consolidation and shipping multiple products all at the same time rather than sending multiple smaller shipments separately, and it will save a lot of time and money.

Advantages of Freight Consolidation

Cost- and time-saving: Freight consolidated services have a lot of benefits out of which cost and time are the most important.
Fewer touches: With load consolidation, your product is only touched twice before it reaches its destination, once by the 3rd party logistics and once by the pool provider. Because of multiple touches during its journey increases the chances of damage. Hence it is not much exposed in freight consolidation.
Quicker delivery times: In freight consolidation service you’ll experience quicker delivery times as they are typically no stop in the middle.

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