Shipping Service in Kenya

Experience Sea Freight Company - Sea freight is one of the most efficient and affordable freight solutions. They are providing an economical way for companies or individuals who have large items to ship every month or every year, or who are relocating from one country to another.

Rosai Cargo and Clearing Limited, a leading international shipping and clearing company, specializes in providing the highest standard of services, by following the custom guidelines and also cater to all your shipping needs at the same time.

With our extensive range of A-Z Cargo services which includes sea freight services and covering all volumes and dimensions of equipment categories and all origins and destinations, We always ensure your freight will reach its destination safely and securely, on-time, and cost-effectively. Rosai Cargo is the premier Ocean Freight Company in Kenya. As we stand out amongst the most asked for delivery services utilized by people.

Rosai Cargo is one of the largest global freight forwarders operating within a worldwide network. You can get customized solutions according to your needs for your specific ocean freight requirement. We can offer a flexible range of global and local sea freight services for both Less-Than-Container Load (LCL) and Full-Container Load (FCL) shipments.

Shipping Advantages of Sea Freight Over Air Freight

Lower cost per volume: Sea freight permits the shipment of higher volumes at a much lower rate as compared to air freight which allows the people to use sea freight services more and again.
Fewer restrictions: Air Freight shipments face more restrictions and paperwork than sea freight shipments, especially on hazardous materials.
Lower emissions: Air Freight transportation emits more than 10 times the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by sea freight. So, sea freight creates less environmental pollution in comparison to air freight.

Our Team

At Rosai Cargo and Clearing Limited, we have Knowledgeable and dedicated staff who had years of experience in the same field. They are full dedicated towards their work and know their responsibility very well. Rosai Cargo and Clearing Limited has a well-connected chain of network and co-partners that provide the most competitive rates for all your shipping needs.

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