Warehousing Management in Kenya

Warehousing & Distribution Services - Rosai Cargo and Clearing Limited are one of the finest Warehousing Company in Kenya. We provide the unbeatable warehouse service and supply operations to ensure that our customers distribute their service at the promised time. Being the trusted name in the market, we are engaged in offering secured and excellent warehouse services. We have various loading docks with ample space for placing materials which makes it easy for shipping and receiving.

Our team of professionals is extremely concerned about the safety of the client’s materials while delivering them to different locations. That’s why we take all the required necessary safety measures to prevent any mishappening while transportation. We are the best warehousing company in Nairobi which assures the best security and weather-proof service of goods along with the standard packing for our customers.
Rosai Cargo and Clearing Limited provides both domestic and international warehousing and distribution services for our shipping clients and partners.
Our experience is combined with extensive shipping and cargo distribution networks, makes us a valuable logistics partner. Businesses looking for a convenient and cost-effective solution to supply chain management often get the results they seek to hire third-party logistics partner like Rosai Cargo Services. Businesses looking to expand into new markets in foreign countries can also benefit greatly from third party global warehousing and distribution services like us.
Through our extensive shipping network, we provide transportation of products and goods by air, land, and sea, plus delivery services when products have neared their final destinations.

Benefits of Warehouse Management

Cost-Effective: Partnering with any third-party logistics partner is always the best option. Rather than hiring, training, and sustaining your own logistics team is more difficult and costly not only because of the cost of salaries of the employees but also because of the ability to quickly find the most cost-effective and convenient logistics solutions.
Experienced & Certified Personnel: Partners with 3rd party companies have more trained and certified personnel to manage your products. Some of them have employees with decades of experience in the shipping and cargo industry, making them experts in the best practices for warehousing and shipping around the world.

Why Use Rosai Cargo and Clearing Limited Warehouse Management as Your Partner?

Rosai Cargo Services provides loading, unloading, and delivery services as well as management of just-in-time inventory and inbound and outbound consolidation services. We have a global shipping network of contacts around the world that allows us to provide successful warehousing and distribution solutions through local networks. We also provide access to real-time tracking and update our customers on the current status and information for any cargo that is stored in our warehouses at any time through our online portal.
All of our warehousing staff are highly professional experts and attend regular training to meet safety requirements. The Rosai Cargo team has an average of 5-15 years of experience person, and we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service.

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